About the Film

Plot Summary

Stewart, young and curious about the world of sex, finds himself in a perfect opportunity to learn everything about it. But with the omnipresence of security nearby, getting away with all of the answers at his age proves to be more difficult than he anticipated.

Production Background

All of the crew was comprised of student filmmakers from the Art Institute of Portland, and the cast was made up of what were fresh faces to the screen, there were also a couple of acting veterans picked from previous student pieces. To read more about who's who in the film, check out our Press Kit.

Event Calendar

When Dirty Sex Tactics was screening, we updated an online calendar to help followers stay posted on when the film screened near 'em without having them return to the site all the time. It was a subscribable Google calendar that you can add to iCal or Outlook or mobile device. Use the instructions here on our Facebook page to learn more!


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Cast & Crew

Writer & Director
Doug Young

Vicky Anderson
Don Colliver
Michelle Damis
Darian Woodlee

Andrew Koraleski

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